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Types of Jobs in a Hospital

Are you looking to work within a hospital, but aren't sure what profession you want to take on? There are a couple of professional medical and non-medical hospital job positions available inside of hospitals. If you are looking to assist with taking care of patients, you will need to look into clinical or medical hospital jobs. Some of these positions include nurses, doctors and allied personnel. Some of the hospital positions that don't involve medical practices include managerial and administrative positions, such as with executives and accountants.

Doctors and Medical Assistants

As a doctor, you are employed with the most important hospital position. Doctors are required to diagnose and consult with patients about their health. If you are a specialized doctor, you will have to provide treatment for diseases, disorders and illnesses for your specialty area. Some of these areas include neurology, gynecology, immunology, pathology, endocrinology, pediatrician, ophthalmology, oncology, cardiology and plenty of others.

Other than being a doctor, there is another sector that is considered as allied medical services or supportive services. In this sector, you’ll find professionals like chiropractors, health educators, medical assistants, physician assistants, surgical techs, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists and dermatologists.

Nurses and Therapists

Another broad career field within the hospital that is available is nursing and therapy. As a nurse, you are required to interact with patients and care for them. Other job duties that are required of nurses include conducting check-ups and regular reporting of patient’s health to physicians. Nurses can work in multiple areas within the hospital, including the operating room, geriatrics department, ambulatory services, acute care department, maternity ward, community health department and emergency services.

Then as a therapist, you would be responsible for giving therapy to patients with physical or mental illnesses. Some of the therapy hospital jobs that are available include psychiatric therapists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, chiropractors and recreational therapists.

Health Care and Hospital Admin Services

Working in the administrative department of a hospital requires you to provide information to patients, social work and support to patient services. Some of the areas you may work in include help desks, patient relations, communications services, medical record maintenance, call centers and medical transcription.

Just as with any other company or organization, hospitals require maintenance and support to stay in order. Medical records and accounts must be properly filed and organized, employees must be taken care of and supplier and personnel contract relationships will have to be maintained. Administrative jobs in the hospital are highly important and must be filled. Clerks, accounting managers, purchasing officers, HR managers and executives, and operational managers all make up the admin department of hospitals.
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