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Healthcare Jobs >> Healthcare Articles >> Healthcare Career Feature >> How to Increase Productivity in Medical Transcription
  • Healthcare Career Feature

How to Increase Productivity in Medical Transcription

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The number one issue in the field of medical transcription involves productivity. Since medical transcriptionists are paid per line and not by the hour, production has become a problem.

Becoming a registered medical transcriptionist, you will be provided with the basic training needed to begin your career in this field. With this knowledge, it will help to eliminate the amount of time it takes to keep looking up medical terms, since he or she already knows them now.

A lot of medical transcribers use text expanders, which allows them to add and use shortcuts - like cutting and pasting terms instead of having to type them. Then some use Microsoft Word's autocorrect and auto text features to help them type quicker. Other expanders that are popular in the medical transcription field include Instant Text and Speed Type.

The first thing you will need to do is open your word processor. Also, open up the text expander, which can be found on your computer's desktop - there will be a shortcut you can easily click on. The two will link together and will be viewable at the bottom of your computer screen.

Now, you can open the software that you use for your medical transcription work. Click on the icon located on your desktop, then put on your headphones. Open the audio file that you will be transcribing, within the transcription software.

Next, you can begin typing the words on the processor. Instant Text will suggest keys to use and will offer shortcuts for medical terms.

If you would like to add a shortcut to the Instant Text software, all you have to do is select the word or phrase you wish to add and press 'Alt' and '='. Then Instant Text will suggest letters for that particular shortcut.

If you would like to remove or edit a shortcut, hit 'Cntrl' and scroll down to it on the Instant Text. Click it and select delete or edit. You will be able to change the shortcut letters for the word or phrase as well.

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