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Healthcare Jobs >> Healthcare Articles >> Healthcare Career Feature >> Healthcare Officer Jobs - Tips for Exceeding Expectations in Healthcare Jobs
  • Healthcare Career Feature

Healthcare Officer Jobs - Tips for Exceeding Expectations in Healthcare Jobs

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As the amount of time healthcare providers spend with patients is whittled away with managed care necessitated by more patients to see and fewer healthcare workers to look after them.

Healthcare job openings, at present, are some of the most numerous in the U.S. In the push for more efficiency, at times healthcare professionals forget what their main goal is in the first place - to be of service to the patient. There are some things a career medical officer can follow to reduce stress, be more organized and exceed expectations for healthcare officer jobs.

As those with healthcare officer jobs are overworked and pressured to handle more and more patients, their kindness can be the first thing that goes. They must choose their words carefully and control the tone of their voice. When explaining information concerning diagnosis, they should use simple terminology that will be easily understood. Research has shown that doctors who do not communicate effectively with their patients and their family are more likely to be sued for malpractice.

Healthcare officers must make sure that when they refer a patient to a specialist or order them to take a test that the patient accomplishes this and after they have the results they should communicate this to the patient. If patients don't hear back they usually assume that the results are normal. Before patients leave the clinic, the staff has to make sure they have their correct contact information and ask the patient how they prefer to learn the results of tests. Studies show that less than 30 percent of doctors follow up on their patients, especially when tests are negative or even mildly abnormal. Those in healthcare officer jobs must follow up on patients.

Another good trait for those with healthcare officer jobs is being a good listener. A study shows that many patients and their families complain that some doctors are hard to approach and don't listen to what patients have to say or complain about. This could happen when a doctor could be under pressure, but medical professionals must remember its part of their duty to patients and their families to be as helpful as possible and make them as comfortable as possible especially in bad situations.

Another common complaint of patients is that doctors don't arrive on time and don't seem to care about wasting the time of their patients. This is the reason why some patients skip maintenance appointments because of a need to set aside several hours of their time just to wait at the doctor's office. Physicians need to be more considerate to their patients and arrive at the appointed time.

Health providers could take advantage of technology. Like for instance, email. Patients can send their questions and they could be answered without having to waste a lot of time talking on the phone. E-mail also makes it possible to create records of correspondence that are not possible with using the phone. It has to be made clear though, that e-mail communication should be used only for simple follow-up questions.

Healthcare establishments should give their patients a way to be involved in their personal healthcare maintenance. This could come in the form of a website that is a one stop shop for health promotion, has patient education pages and answer some frequently asked questions. It could have downloadable questionnaires that patients can fill in and print before they go to the clinic or hospital.

Healthcare providers have to be prepared for all the duties and responsibilities that their jobs entail, and this includes the concerns of patients and their families. Persons holding healthcare officer jobs must keep in mind that if the patient and the healthcare provider understand each other this is followed by trust, and with trust follows cooperation that ultimately fulfills the goal of both parties.

If you have a genuine desire to help people, medicine, and technology then this career is right for you. Choose the right healthcare career path based on your interests and aptitude.

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